About Us

My name is Moshe Mark Adler and I am a Person Living with AIDS. I have been HIV+ over 25 years. This has "earned" me the title of Long Term Survivor. I have survived tremendous emotional and physical hardship including C-difficile (8x) Bronchitis (over 12x), Pneumonia (3x), Shingles (2x), & Neuropathy; but consider myself blessed to have had many life changing experiences and met so many amazing people along the way.

I have received amazing health care … unlike many others … so I am very lucky to have complete insurance for health care appointments & medications. I have tremendous local resources and a powerful network of friends & family who support me unconditionally.

My passion and love for nature and the outdoors started when I was very young. I am an Eagle Scout and worked in the Outdoor Industry selling high end camping gear for many years. I also ran a rope course at a High Adventure Scout summer camp and worked as a ranger on the land later. I climbed Mt. Rainier in WA on a seminar/expedition with Jansport in 1990.

I am a poet and writer … writing about nature, and I have documented many of my struggles & experiences that I have had being HIV+ for almost my entire adult life. I have worked as an activist and have shared my story for decades, and have led workshops for at risk teens and others titled “Positive Living, How Aids SAVED my Life!” I am committed to learning and sharing information with people using the AIDS HIKE platform.

As I have shared in my blog, I was once told I may never walk again. (See “Lost to be Found” on day three on "Blog" page here. This was a challenge I faced head on … in facing tremendous fear I was then able to use it to inspire me, to motivate me and to prove the doctors wrong. The journey ahead will lead to my walking and hiking almost every day… and documenting that in my blog … leading up to my vision:

AIDS HIKE will feature a diverse team of HIV+ people attacking a monstrous task…Hiking the Appalachian Trail. The mission is to attempt to hike the entire trail but the journey will be so much more than the destination. At the beginning there will be short and medium length public hikes in the DC/MD/VA/Baltimore area. As these events start to come into focus they will be listed here on the "Calendar" page. AIDS HIKE is a non-profit organization that will host & promote teams of HIV+ people joining together on hikes to raise awareness about the current state of HIV and to raise money for HIV service providers.

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